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Showroom Virtual Tour

Your Showroom is a prime medium of illustration for your distinct products. Now imagine having the ability to bring anyone in the world to it, virtually!  While there may be no true substitute for experiencing your showroom in person, a showroom virtual tour is the next best approach to clients abroad.

Virtual Tour Group Inc. is a full service digital imaging company that provides exceptional interactive media. We create High Definition Virtual Tours for digital exhibition of your showroom.  Each of our Virtual Tour Presentations are fully customized and curtailed to your unique branding.  A Virtual Tour can be distributed to your clients online or an exclusive invitation to a private online link.  Best of all, they allow the intended audience to interact and navigate through your showroom, while being able to zoom into particular products as they take a look around.

How it Works:

We begin by meeting with your key principals to determine what portions of the showroom to highlight. Our professional photographer will then photograph your showroom at an appropriate time with no disruption to your clients.  A preliminary presentation design with the developed scenes is created for your review and approval.  Final changes are implemented and the Virtual Tour Presentation is made available for distribution via CD Media or Web Media.

The Development Process:

1.      Photography of your Showroom

2.      Design the User Interface and development of the Scenes

3.      Publication and Distribution

The Benefits:

       – Immediate worldwide Showroom Exposure

       – Archive your past Showrooms

       – Interactive presentation for your Sales Team

       – Enhance your Sales Presentations


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