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Supported Devices

Our virtual tours are visible on a variety of devices.  Please review the following list of supported devices for virtual tours by Virtual Tour Group Inc.


All Devices and Computers with Flash 9 or higher installed

  • Our Virtual Tours are rendered and available for view on all devices and browsers that have Adobe Flash 9.0 or higher installed.  This accounts for more than 98% of computers.  For other devices such as iOS and Android please see specifications below.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

  • All iOS devices with iOS 5.1 or higher.


  • Android Stock/WebView-based browsers without WebGL-support are not capable enough for displaying HTML5 CSS3D Multiresolution panos. There will be graphics errors and instability. Therefore exclude these browsers – e.g. by using the devices=”androidstock+!webgl” xml devices setting – and offer alternatives, e.g. like here – links to alternative Android browsers in the Android Playstore.
  • Android Firefox 22 (currently offered as Firefox Beta) is still slightly instable (crash on device rotation) but has extremely good WebGL performance – often constant 60fps on good devices – the recommended Android browser at the moment!
  • Android Chrome – works good and stable but unfortunately limited/capped to 30fps by Google (rendering with 60fps should be theoretical possible too here).
  • Android Opera – same as Android Chrome.


  • The BlackBerry Playbook and the new BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 devices are working very good and offering great CSS3D and WebGL rendering performance.

Windows 8 Phones, Windows RT

  • Works fine but with slower performance compared to other devices.

Desktop Browsers (HTML5)

  • All common HTML5 browsers:
  • Mozilla Firefox (18 or higher)
  • Google Chrome (20 or higher)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE10 or higher)
  • Apple Safari (5.1 or higher)
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