Virtual Tour Group Team

Who we are...

Our team brings a variety of experience and knowledge base to Virtual Tour Group Inc. We have over 20 years of experience in Photography, Virtual Tours and Media Production.  Our company produces only the highest-quality virtual tours for a variety of industries. We utilize the latest high-tech equipment, combined with our team of photographers' years of experience. Our virtual tours can be viewed anywhere on a variety of platforms from mobile devices, tablets, laptops and PCs. Each virtual tour is custom designed depending on the client's specific needs and marketing strategy, so no two virtual tours are ever the same.

Maz Hobbi founded Virtual Tour Group Inc. in 2006 to deliver rich media Virtual Tours to various industries such as real estate and travel industry. Maz has refined and developed several techniques and software tools that enabled him to create high definition virtual tours. He pioneered with HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography and created professional virtual tours for hotels and showrooms in New York City. Since the establishing Virtual Tour Group Inc., his focus has been on delivering the best quality imagery in combination with best interactive experience.